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Our Corplex technology platform enables the development of new transdermal therapeutics, incorporating small-molecule drugs previously thought to have been incapable of delivery through skin.

Today Corium scientists are not only envisioning—but are creating—products that address unmet patient needs, while enabling less frequent dosing regimens.

Corplex technology has been widely commercialized in our partner Procter & Gamble's Crest® Whitestrips product line. The design of the Crest Whitestrips product is distinguished by reliable adhesion in both wet and dry environments, which is made possible by Corplex's unique polymer combinations and compositions. Working with Corplex, Corium scientists are able to create a range of transdermal delivery profiles from immediate to sustained release, including the potential to create combinations of fast-acting and long-lasting release profiles.

Specific characteristics of Corplex include:

  • Controlled and sustained delivery
  • High drug load and efficient delivery;
  • Adhesion to wet and dry surfaces;
  • Flexible with skin movement;
  • Ease of application and removal; and
  • Potential for lower rates of skin reactions.

This technology has been successfully used to develop products in a variety of forms, including liquid (sprays, film formers), semisolid (gel, creams and ointment-like) and solid (powder, particles, dry and wet films, and patches).


Corium's MicroCor system utilizes dissolving microstructures (microneedles) for innovative, needle-free delivery of biologics across the skin.

This technology can also be combined with small molecules, when rapid onset of action is desired.

Microneedles are the width of a human hair

Microneedles are the width of a human hair

Our investigational MicroCor PTH(1-34) product candidate contains the active ingredient in Eli Lilly's Forteo® (teriparatide [rDNA origin] injection), which is approved for the treatment of osteoporosis. Forteo requires a daily self-administered injection and sharps (needle) disposal, and is required to be kept refrigerated. MicroCor PTH(1-34) has successfully completed Phase 2a clinical evaluation. We have also demonstrated the ability to incorporate a wide range of molecules into the MicroCor system, from small molecules to peptides, proteins, monoclonal antibodies and vaccines.

In MicroCor drug-in-tip technology we blend active therapeutic agents with proprietary polymer and excipient combinations to create arrays of solid-state biodegradable microstructures. These arrays are designed specifically to optimize the delivery of therapeutic or prophylactic agents either locally or systemically. MicroCor arrays penetrate the superficial layers of the skin, dissolving or biodegrading upon application. Traditional injections are associated with bleeding and discomfort, which can be reduced or eliminated using MicroCor.

Additional benefits include:

  • Single step administration
  • Short (<5 minutes) wear time
  • No needles or sharps
  • No need for refrigeration, simplifying handling and storage; and
  • Ability to customize the pharmacokinetic profile, allowing for immediate or sustained release.

Moreover, by delivering vaccines to the upper layers of the skin, which are rich in antigen-presenting cells, MicroCor has the potential to provide a more robust and consistent immune response. In some cases, this may enable us to design a vaccine that could allow dose sparing and/or the avoidance of adjuvants.

Corium has established GMP manufacturing facilities, quality systems for scale-up, and cost-effective manufacturing processes to support early-stage through clinical development programs.

Microstructures enable transdermal delivery of a wide range of molecular weights

MicroCor Step 1

Step 1

Microstructures are comprised of 2 layers; a dissolving drug-in-tip layer (in orange) and a water insoluble backing layer (in blue).

MicroCor Step 2

Step 2

Upon application to the skin, the microstructures, which are a few hundred μm in length, penetrate into the outer layers of the skin. The moisture in the skin rapidly hydrates the drug-in-tip layer.

MicroCor Step 3

Step 3

Within 5 minutes, the drug-in-tip layer is dissolved and the active agent rapidly diffuses into blood vessels in the dermal layer. The water insoluble backing layer is removed.

The safety and efficacy of MicroCor PTH(1-34) and other MicroCor-based products have not been established. There is no assurance that any of these investigational products will receive health authority approval or become commercially available in any country.

Corplex is a trademark and MicroCor is a registered trademark of Corium, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners

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